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The Northwest’s leading labor and employment law specialty firm

Founded by Bob Sebris and Mark Busto in 1992, the firm’s mission from its inception has been to provide a high quality and cost-effective alternative to the large multi-practice corporate law firms in the Seattle area—addressing workplace legal issues exclusively. We have succeeded by stressing low overhead and high efficiency. Our expert lawyers utilize the latest technology and telecommunications practices to achieve fast, effective results.

Unlike large firms with numerous junior associates, the lawyers at Sebris Busto James are primarily experienced, senior attorneys who are able to apply years of knowledge and judgment to their clients’ advantage. Firm lawyers successfully handle administrative charges, arbitrations, and civil litigation involving labor and employment matters, but Sebris Busto James’ principal focus is on problem resolution and litigation avoidance. We place special emphasis on working with employers to identify legal issues and to develop strategies in advance to achieve client goals. We make the following commitment to our clients:

We are dedicated to anticipating and responding to our clients’ needs by providing the highest quality, most efficient legal services possible. Our client relationships are built on competence, trust, confidence, and friendship. We are strong advocates, effective counselors, and creative problem solvers.

Our Attorneys

highest quality labor and employment law representation

We are strong advocates, effective counselors, and creative problem solvers. Our seasoned attorneys are here to guide you every step of the way.