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Management and Employee Training

As the employment laws become increasingly complex, employers are finding that the actions of their supervisors and employees can result in legal liability for the employer before its human resources department or its attorneys know what is happening. Workplace harassment is the best example. In some circumstances, the employer can be liable for actions taken by employees and/or managers even though the affected employee never objected to the conduct or filed an internal complaint. It is no longer enough for one or two persons within an organization to understand the law.

So what’s the answer? Management and employee training. Sebris Busto James has created many dynamic training programs that educate managers and/or employees in their obligations under the employment laws. These are not dry technical recitations of statutes and case law. These are practical, interactive workshops that approach the law from the point of view of what your management team needs to know to do their job of managing people while minimizing potential liability for themselves and the company. Our standard training programs include:

These training programs can be adapted to fit your workplace and your budget. In addition, we can design and present programs customized from scratch to address the issues you choose. Our training programs can be the “ounce of prevention” that is worth many pounds of cure.

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