Micro Units: Recent NLRB Opinions Prove They Aren't Just for Health Care Anymore.

February 2012
Employment Law Notes
In August of 2011, the National Labor Relations Board issued its controversial decision in Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile, 356 NLRB 56 (Aug. 26, 2011), overruling 20 years of Board precedent and imposing a new approach for determining what constitutes an appropriate bargaining unit in non-acute health care facilities. There, the Board announced that it would apply the “community of interest” test to non-acute care settings, such as nursing homes. As a result, the Board allowed certification of a bargaining unit comprised of 53 certified nursing assistants who had similar “training, certification, supervision, uniforms, pay rates, work assignments, shifts and work areas,” and that excluded 33 other non-supervisory personnel. Under Specialty Healthcare, the Board gives extreme deference to a union’s petitioned-for bargaining unit.