SBJ Attorney Mariya Khilyuk Fights Back Against Union Opposition to Returning Kids to School

Associate Attorney Mariya Khilyuk is making herself heard in the community.  Although the Northshore School District has been recognized nationally for shutting down classrooms at the beginning of the pandemic, it has since refused to step up against the unions and demand that teachers return to the classroom so that kids can return to school.  Mariya, who has a first grader in the District, attempted unsuccessfully to ask questions of the School Board and Superintendent Reid about why they were allowing the unions to dictate children’s futures.  Recently, Khilyuk took to the news and was featured on KING 5.  Northshore School District parents protest ‘lost year’ of education |  None of the Board, District, Superintendent, or Union Representatives have made themselves available to discuss the issues following the broadcast.  Stay tuned and follow Mariya’s and other Northshore parents’ demand for District and union accountability over the decisions being made in the District and the consequences of those decisions for students.