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Sebris Busto James Celebrates 20 Years

Bob Sebris and Mark Busto founded Sebris Busto James in 1992. From its inception, the firm has practiced exclusively in the areas of labor and employment law, representing employers in the private and public sectors. For 20 years, Sebris Busto James has provided a high quality and cost-effective alternative to large multi-practice corporate law firms.

Our firm Missions Statement describes us best:

We are innovative leaders in Human Resource law. As counselors and teachers, we work with employers to improve the workplace. As advocates, we aggressively pursue client goals. Through our individuality, teamwork, commitment to integrity, and dedication, we provide practical guidance to workplace issues.

       Our client relationships are built on competence, trust, confidence, and friendship. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and look forward to another 20 years of serving employers in our community!