Jeff James and Ed Taylor, assisted by Jennifer Parda-Aldrich, Adam Belzberg, and Christy Kirchmeier, obtained a defense verdict in a jury trial that lasted more than four weeks. The plaintiff was the former Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Corbis Holdings, Inc. Corbis contended throughout the case that he was terminated for cause after lying to the CEO. The plaintiff sued, alleging that he was fired because of his age and in retaliation for voicing concerns about age-related comments. Prior to trial the defendants succeeded in getting the plaintiff’s claim for retaliation dismissed. Defendants also succeeded in getting the plaintiff’s claim for emotional distress damages dismissed. The plaintiff sought direct review from the Washington State Supreme Court, and also sought to delay trial pending a decision from the Supreme Court, but the case proceeded as scheduled and the Supreme Court ultimately denied direct review. At the end of four weeks of trial, during which nearly 20 witnesses testified, the plaintiff asked the jury for $3.5 million in economic damages. After deliberating for approximately two days, the jury found that there was no evidence of age discrimination and returned a verdict for the defendants. The jury also found in favor of Corbis on its counterclaims for breach of fiduciary duty. The plaintiff was represented by Jack Sheridan and the Law Offices of John P. Sheridan.